Air Jordan’s Quina
Lena Fridman

Air Jordan's Cattery


Air Jordan’s, British Shorthair Cattery, was founded in 2006.
We consist solely on our cats and don’t mate with other catteries
(I.E We are a closed Cattery).
Air Jordan’s Cats is registered at the world most honorable cats clubs: WCF, TICA and FIFE.
Our specialization is White, Lilac, Blue, Cream and Tortoise colors.
All of our main cats are checked for virus and genetic diseases.
Our cats take part in cat exhibitions, and one of our cats is a World Champion in WCF and Supreme Champion in TICA.
Our kittens part for their new homes not earlier than the age of 3 months.
All of the kittens are vaccinated, familiar with scratch structures and toilet, and have a good character. They are friendly with other animals and children.
We keep in touch with the owners of our kittens, and are always willing to answer questions.